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Neue Fördertechnik Hansa-Flex

HANSA-FLEX invests in major site expansion at global corporate headquarters in Bremen

HANSA-FLEX AG, one of the world's leading system providers for fluid technology, is building its new global headquarters in Bremen with a future-oriented construction project including a fully automated pallet high bay warehouse, centralized production and new administrative space. The business group will be combining manufacturing, large-parts storage and kitting (assembling individual parts into a finished product package) all under one roof. Fortna | Pierau was awarded the contract to plan and implement the logistics. The Hamburg-based consultants installed an automated pallet high bay warehouse and connected it to the series production, for improved hose storage. With this latest expansion, HANSA-FLEX AG is clearly signaling its commitment to safeguarding both its location and market competitiveness.

In October 2020, HANSA-FLEX AG started work on this huge project on the company's own 18,000m² site in Von-Thünen-Strasse. The existing office building was retained and remained in operation throughout the construction work. A new six-story administration building, a high bay warehouse and a logistics and production hall further supplemented it. "Our in-house concept design started much earlier and is all part of our long-term corporate strategy," explains Edwin Maringka, Project Manager HANSA-FLEX AG. "Back in 2019, together with all stakeholders, we had already come up with a concept to consolidate the logistics, administration and production areas in Von-Thünen-Strasse." Christine Linz, Project Manager Logistics HANSA-FLEX AG, adds, "When the Corona pandemic broke out, we decided to continue with the project anyway so as to send a positive message of stability to all our employees and customers. So, in the midst of the first wave of the crisis, ably supported by the Fortna | Pierau team led by project manager Jan-Hendrik Plumhoff, we put the new warehouse and logistics systems out to tender and then awarded the contracts." This was the right decision at the right time, as suppliers’ market prices were rapidly adapting to the declining availability of raw materials and the industry's need for expansion and modernization.

Bigger, Better, Bolder – a Site of Superlatives

HANSA-FLEX will not be renewing the production site leases in Bremen once production, warehousing and logistics have been successfully established in the new building complex. With a total area of more than 40,000 m², the new facilities together with the existing adjacent building where small parts processing with automatic small parts storage (AKL) will remain, will form HANSA-FLEX AG's global corporate headquarters in future.

The current construction project is all about superlatives. For HANSA-FLEX this means it is not only the biggest building project in the company's history, but also the automated pallet high bay warehouse for double-deep storage of hoses is the largest of its kind for the company. Here are the key data: four aisles, rising to a height of around 30 m, a floor area of approximately 2,800 m² and a total of almost 18,000 pallet storage locations. "Especially noteworthy is the fact that we have combined storage for industrial and Euro pallets all in one system. We had to bear this in mind while designing the storage and retrieval machines and the pallet conveyor technology in particular," says Jan-Hendrik Plumhoff. "The pallets have a maximum load capacity for weights of up to one ton."

HANSA-FLEX's ongoing corporate development was also reflected in the design of the new warehouse technology. A further increase in the capacity of the high bay warehouse can be added by extending the conveyor pre-zone on the upper floor, if required. In the order picking area, employees will be fully equipped in the future with scissor lifts and a lifting system mounted above the workstations to ensure ergonomic working at grip height and to facilitate the processing of heavy items.

"The investment in our site expansion is a clear commitment to our employees and to the region," points out HANSA-FLEX Managing Director, Uwe Buschmann. "We have a social responsibility that is independent of any timeframe, and we do justice to it not least by establishing structures that will enable us to compete in the future."


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