Rebranding: Pierau Planung ist jetzt Fortna | Pierau - Fortna

Rebranding: Pierau Planung becomes Fortna | Pierau

A breath of fresh air for Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH: Effective immediately, the Hamburg-based logistics experts are operating under the brand name Fortna | Pierau and are also positioning themselves with a new logo in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). This change is a visual expression of the affiliation with Fortna, the globally operating design-build-company, and part of a modern rebranding that will be successively implemented in 2021.

The recent year since Fortna | Pierau became part of Fortna's international network, the two companies have been productive in developing joint structures, building up a combined service portfolio for the EMEA market, and tackling their first projects together. Customer feedback confirms that they are on the right track. Now it is time to move on.

Brand Refresh

Earlier this year, Fortna launched its modernized corporate identity, brand new logo and website, highlighting its continuing powerful performance. In line with our shared plans, ‘Pierau Planung’ is now following suit. “The logo and name changes are big but right steps after 60 years of successful market presence, “ explains Björn A. Brunkow, Managing Director Fortna | Pierau and Vice President Sales, Fortna EMEA. "The new name Fortna | Pierau not only communicates that the Hamburg part of the team is here to stay, but that together with Fortna we are combining talents and thought leadership and continue to work and offer design reliability for all existing and future projects to our customers. ”

Combined Structures

Fortna offices in the UK, The Netherlands, South Africa and Fortna | Pierau in Germany are now all part of one team. For some associates, this has meant a slight modification of tasks, but with no loss of pace. In fact, the team is expanding as a result of a large number of new hires. As Marc Austin, Managing Director, Fortna EMEA, sums it up, "We have combined outstanding colleagues with decades of industry knowledge, and are leveraging our experience to solve distribution challenges for our clients. We continue to work with companies to build, strengthen, and extend eCommerce order fulfillment capabilities and optimizing system performance. “

Joint Service-Portfolio

Fortna leverages automation, technology and intelligent software (particularly worth mentioning: the company’s own Software Suite including FortnaWES ™) to design and deliver solutions that drive profitability and business resilience. The company also offers leading lifecycle services to ensure seamless operations in the intralogistics industry. The special feature here is the support provided to customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the fulfillment solution, even beyond project completion. As part of the Fortna organization, Fortna | Pierau further enhances this portfolio with its robust history of the design of high-performance intralogistics and experience gained from more than 2,500 successful projects. Customers can continue to commission the Hamburg logistics experts with the development of fulfillment strategies and logistics solutions on a modular basis. “What's new to the mix is that based on these results, customers can decide whether concept implementation is to be implemented as central project managers or as general logistics contractors. This combines the best of our service portfolios for the benefit of our customers," conclude Björn A. Brunkow and Marc Austin.

About Fortna | Pierau

Fortna | Pierau has been a well-established consultancy for intralogistics and supply chain solutions for 60 years. To date, the Hamburg-based specialists have successfully completed over 2,500 projects throughout Europe and beyond.  The portfolio covers the complete range of optimization, expansion or new concept design and implementation of logistics operations and logistics IT systems. Since the beginning of 2020 part of the US consulting company Fortna®, The Distribution Experts™, this affiliation is consolidated by the brand name Fortna | Pierau™

About Fortna

Fortna partners with the world’s leading brands to transform their distribution operations to keep pace with digital disruption and growth objectives. Known world-wide as The Distribution Experts™, we design and deliver intelligent solutions, powered by FortnaWES™ software, to optimize fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment. Our people, innovative approach and proprietary algorithms and tools, ensure optimal operations design and material and information flow. We deliver exceptional value every day to our clients with comprehensive services including network strategy, distribution center operations, material handling automation, supply chain systems, and warehouse software design and implementation.

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