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MyToys Invests in New Shuttle Warehouse at Their Logistics Site in Gernsheim

MYTOYS GROUP, a member of the Otto Group, was quick to recognize the potential of its business sector in internet retailing and has steadily developed into the market leader in family shopping. This continual growth is only possible if the logistics keep up. As part of a forward-looking, phased concept to expand storage and shipping capacities, a state-of-the-art shuttle warehouse was, therefore, implemented in the current project phase in well-established cooperation with the logistics experts at Pierau Planung.  The new facility was integrated into the existing logistics system during ongoing operations.

Founded in 1999, MYTOYS GROUP is a multichannel company with over 2,000 employees and 7 million customers selling its products via catalogues, 17 stores throughout Germany and online shops in the EU and in Switzerland.

Logistical Challenge: Continuous Expansion

At the e-commerce shipping center in Gernsheim, up to 300,000 items ordered via the online shops are currently stored in an area of approximately 75,000 m2 and sent out in around 60,000 packages every day.  It is this wide variety of products - the range extends from pacifiers to beds - which poses the greatest challenge for logistics processing.  Such widely differing article dimensions require a flexible system for warehousing.  In addition to this, seasonal peaks also have to be managed such as the order intake at Christmas, which is four times higher than average.

"In order for the logistics to keep pace with our company's growth in the future, we needed a concept that is scalable, especially with regard to shipping quantities," explains Tim Kellermann, Managing Director of myToys Logistik GmbH. "As they say, 'never change a winning team!' so we entrusted the team of experts at Pierau Planung, led by project managers Andreas Spitzki and Dirk Wohlgemuth, with this task."  Pierau Planung has been providing support to the MYTOYS GROUP since the move to Gernsheim in 2013.

To increase storage and processing capacity for the ever-expanding product range, the existing facility was equipped with an automatic shuttle system with seven aisles and 18 levels.  "The new system, like the existing system, was integrated during ongoing operations," explains Andreas Spitzki.  "This was only made possible because we had already planned for the necessary areas of expansion and connection of additional systems in the original logistics concept."

Space-saving Shuttle Storage Solution Increases Capacities

Together with the myToys team, the Hamburg logistics experts introduced a shuttle solution that is not only highly fail-safe and requires less energy per storage cycle, but can also be integrated into the existing logistics in an extremely compact way. What is so special about it?  "In order to achieve the maximum possible number of storage locations and to provide the required operational performance, we advised our customer to use a shuttle system from which the bins are removed laterally," says Dirk Wohlgemuth.  "The more conventional picking solution of placing the pre-zone on the short side of the shuttle warehouse would have been less space-saving and would have meant a reduction of storage locations."

The new dedicated shuttle solution offers around 100,000 additional storage spaces and, with the provision of up to 3,000 bins per hour as well as 500 cartons for replenishment, enables fast, flexible goods-to-man order picking.  Bins are transferred from the warehouse to picking stations via conveyor technology.  Employees put the picked goods directly onto picking trolleys.

Again, future expansion options have already been considered as part of the current project in that there is sufficient space for the new shuttle system to be easily mirrored if necessary.  "We are still in contact with the consultants at Pierau Planung for any fine tuning we might need such as minor optimizations and additions that arise in the course of daily operations," concludes Tim Kellermann.  "With the introduction of the new technology, we have significantly improved our productivity and can continue our steady growth trajectory into the future."

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