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Logistics Solution: Increased Performance and Storage Capacity for Arnulf Betzold GmbH

All you need for schools, daycare centers and kindergartens - this is the guiding principle of Arnulf Betzold GmbH, headquartered in Ellwangen/Baden-Württemberg. For 50 years, the success trend of this specialty mail order company has been steadily rising, as have the demands on its own logistics.  In order to map these out, the family-owned company commissioned the support of Pierau Planung. In the current cooperation, they developed a comprehensive logistics solution, which guarantees extended storage capacities and higher performance in order picking. Its main features comprise a fully automated shuttle warehouse and a new warehouse management system. At the same time, the packing department was expanded by means of targeted process automation.  This set of measures has a further benefit for Arnulf Betzold GmbH in addition to improved efficiency in that it combats the increasing problem of finding qualified specialists. The logistics expansion is scheduled to be commissioned in the 1st quarter of 2021.

As an education specialist, Betzold offers a range of over 100,000 products for educational purposes from a single supplier. From subject-specific teaching and learning materials, play products, creative and handicraft materials, teachers’ supplies and technical equipment to furniture, including various in-house innovations.

Since its foundation, the company has enjoyed robust economic growth. For this reason, in 2006, the logistics processing was expanded for the first time, simultaneously marking the start of a successful cooperation with Pierau Planung. In 2009, the logistics experts again supported the company with the planning and implementation of a new building with a fully automated pallet high-bay warehouse on a nearby site.

"As a result of our previous experience with them, we have once again chosen the Pierau Planung team to assist us in our current project," says Stefan Kufner, logistics manager at Arnulf Betzold GmbH. "Together, we have decided on a solution that automates individual processes. Not only do we benefit from expanded warehouse capacities and greater performance and speed in processing, but we are also less dependent when it comes to finding qualified employees, which is a growing challenge these days."

Automated Shuttle Solution Optimizes Warehouse Logistics

As more than 60 percent of the customers’ articles are potentially shuttle-capable, the Pierau Planung team, headed by project managers Andreas Spitzki and Eric Wäbs, designed an efficient shuttle system solution in cooperation with Arnulf Betzold GmbH. This solution was developed in collaboration with KNAPP AG, Steinbach Errani GmbH (specialist for end-of-line packaging machines) and Heber Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG.   It offers around 54,000 additional storage spaces over three aisles. The overall system is designed for an output of up to 2,000 container double cycles per hour and 1,000 cartons. "In this way, all articles are accessible and can be automatically provided at six ergonomic picking stations in accordance with the goods-to-man principle.   With the introduction of the new technology, cartons are automatically erected, reduced to fill level and resealed," explains Eric Wäbs about the automatic solution model.

A storage platform, integrated into the mezzanine floor, fully exploits the height of the incoming goods hall and creates additional space for optimized returns processing with short routes in the incoming goods area. In addition, the shipping transport system was expanded and the system control was modernized. Two additional loading bridges increase the efficiency of the outgoing goods area.

New Warehouse Management System Ensures Trouble-free Processes

Expanded storage capacities, system modernization, integration of technical equipment - these advanced logistics solutions are changing the logistics structure at Betzold.  In order to integrate the new processes fully into the overall logistics and to ensure a seamless internal material flow, the existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) had to be replaced. The new WMS will be implemented in cooperation with e-velopment GmbH and test runs for the integration of all departments are currently running at full speed with the go-live planned for the 1st quarter of 2021.

With the introduction of such a comprehensive logistics solution, Arnulf Betzold GmbH has created conditions for long-term growth.  This forward-looking strategy has also been incorporated in the recent logistics concept.  "The new shuttle warehouse can be mirrored, and a second area for storage/retrieval can be integrated on the upper floor," explains Andreas Spitzki. "The existing pallet high-bay warehouse, with around 12,000 storage spaces, can also be extended by up to three aisles if necessary. The successful mail order company is now optimally equipped and can look forward to the future with confidence.

Ulrich Betzold, Managing Director of Arnulf Betzold GmbH, is also very pleased, "Thanks to the current results we are well positioned for future growth. I see it as a great advantage that Pierau Planung has been assisting our logistics development for so many years. The team has given us excellent support and advice on all project phases so that we will continue to build on this established partnership in the future."

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