Erfolgreiche Masterarbeit zu Robotertechnik - Fortna



Top marks for a Robotics Master’s thesis

'Analysis on the use of picking robots in intralogistics’ is the title of David Hambrecht's Master’s thesis. On 15 September 2021 David submitted his thesis to the examining board colloquium of Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg to be reviewed by Prof. Dr. Alice Kirchheim and Dr. Stephan Ulrich and achieved a final grade of 1.3, which is an excellent result that has been well earned. Congratulations David, from the whole team!

Supervised by our colleagues Frank Münch and Michael Geisinger, David has been with us since March of this year while studying for his Master's degree on the extent to which order picking robot technology will change intralogistics.

Here are the findings of his research in a nutshell: it will be absolutely essential for companies to consider robots for order picking in the future, as this technology will be a determining factor in terms of competition. As developments progress, they will be a solution to the shortage of skilled workers and an important milestone on the road to full automation.

" The results of David's work are, of course, also important for us as logistics planners," say Frank Münch and Michael Geisinger from Fortna | Pierau. "The collaboration was excellent from the very beginning and also great fun."