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Systems for Hanging Garment Processing and Automatic Packing

The Klingel Group is one of the leading mail-order companies in Germany. Subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Slovakia make the Klingel Group one of the best-known suppliers of household goods and fashion items in Europe.

For decades, Fortna | Pierau has partnered with the Klingel Group in the continuous development and improvement of its logistics systems.

Two successful projects involved planning and implementing an automated packing system and an automatic system for processing hanging garments.

Thanks to the successful implementation of these systems, the Klingel Group now has state-of-the-art packing lines with automatic carton building, sealing and labeling, and cross-belt sortation of individual items directly into shipping cartons.

Hanging garments are processed in warehouses with static and dynamic elements. The dynamic system handles the complete processing of hanging garments from order picking and labeling to dispatch packaging.

The modern and highly efficient logistics systems make the Klingel Group a model for the mail order business beyond the borders of Germany.

A notable result of the partnership is the design for Klingel's "bag store," a storage and fulfillment system for items stored in bags, with which Klingel has once again set standards in the European shipping landscape.