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Newsletter No. 1 | 2022

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INTERSPORT: Largest Logistics Project in the Company's History

Expanded capacities, modernization of the central logistics, higher efficiency, and more speed in the delivery of the more than 1,000 affiliated retailers in the German B2B area.

THE BRITISH SHOP Boosts Logistics Processing By More Than 30 Percent

Automated processes, optimized warehouse structures and a new WMS installation increase the speed and efficiency of logistics processing and double the output of goods.

Neu im Software Portfolio: Fortna OptiSlot DC™

Nach der Übernahme von Optricity </a>hat Fortna sein Software-Angebot erweitert: Fortna OptiSlot DC™ optimiert die Kommissionierleistung, indem es ein Picken des richtigen Artikels zum richtigen Zeitpunkt vom richtigen Ort ermöglicht.

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7 Types of Warehouse Robots

Companies today face the growing challenge of recruiting, training and retaining employees. Added to this are necessary occupational health and safety measures - robot solutions can be an attractive option to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Fusion of MHS and Fortna

Global Leadership in eCommerce and Logistics Automation

MHS Global, a leading global provider of material handling automation technology and systems integration, and Fortna, will combine to form a multi-billion-dollar, multinational company.

The five biggest challenges in the rollout of intralogistics projects

In particular, the global disruptive developments of recent years have shown that completely new requirements must be placed on intralogistics projects in terms of the speed at which goals are achieved and the requirements for the performance to be achieved in order to avoid slowed-down processes, lower throughput and, in the worst case, even downtimes.

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